Game Changing.



Each of our new Seasons event card decks is a fantastic set of 42 cards that replace all of the game’s dice and event cards in a way that is more fair, exciting, and realistic.

Each versatile deck allows you to decide just how much luck and surprise you want in your game of Catan. Each beautifully illustrated deck can be used flexibly in a variety of ways: to simulate “seasons,” to bring unexpected events, to track game length, and to display dice rolls. This product is entirely compatible with all of the core Catan games and expansions.



Three Ways To Play

We have developed not one, but three unique decks of Seasons event cards to bring you a whole new Catan gaming experience!. Use the Seasons event card decks individually or together to suit your tastes.

Take a look at each of the three Seasons event card decks*:

*Note: Deck A (not shown) is the Original and Official deck of Catan event cards, which was not created by us.


Deck B:  Blessings
  Keep everyone happy with a cheerful selection of pleasant surprises and uplifting events!
  Here's a sample of what you can expect in this deck:
   Calm Seas and Sunny Skies
Fine Fishing and Good Hunting
  Surplus Harvests
  Music and Entertainment


Deck C:  Celebrations
  Increase the stakes with a number of challenging events and rewarding occasions! 
  Here's a sample of what you can expect in this deck:
Feasts and Festivals
Tournaments and Trials
Ceremonies and Competitions

Holidays and Hijinks


Deck D:  Disasters
  Spice up your game with a variety of disastrous occurrences and shocking incidents!
  Here's a sample of what you can expect in this deck:
 Fires and Floods
Typhoons and Twisters
Earthquakes and Epidemics
Droughts and Diseases

36 is the Magic Number

     How many possible ways can you toss the two Catan dice? As it turns out, there are 36 possibilities. The only problem is, some of those possibilities never seem to show up. Well, worry no more. Each Seasons deck has exactly 36 core cards. That means you'll always have a perfect distribution of dice rolls represented when you use Seasons event cards.

Powerful and Flexible

     We've thought of everything, but you don't have to! With Seasons event cards, you only have to use the features you want. Here are just some of the ways you can play:

Basic: Play the Original game of Catan  with a single Seasons event card deck, ignoring seasons and events. Enjoy a perfect distribution of production numbers.

Advanced: Use 52 cards from two different decks to simulate a full year, with each card representing a week. Each season lasts exactly 13 cards.

Seasonal Adjustment: Play through an entire Seasons event card deck without switching seasons. You will get a perfect distribution of production numbers and events.

Mix and Match: Combine multiple decks and features for a customized gaming experience.


Key Features

  Each deck of cards is bursting with a host of new features to enhance your game of Catan. All of your burning questions about this exciting new release are answered below in our FAQ.

Fully Supported

By the time you get your first deck of Seasons event cards, you should be ready to play. To help you achieve this goal, we have created a simple article that will walk you through the basics of how to use Seasons event cards.

If you want to dive deeper into our completely re-designed Catan rules set, you can browse or search our massive archive of instructional articles that will walk you through every step of the game.


 Seasons Really Stacks Up

     All three decks in the Seasons event card series have been specially designed to be fully compatible with all of the Official Catan games, expansions, and our new Catan ruleset. That's not the only reason why the Seasons event card decks are a valuable addition to your Catan collection. Here's how the Seasons Event Cards stack up against the competition:

  Seasons Decks B, C, D Official Dice Official Event Cards Print-Your-Own Event Cards
Full Catan compatibility        
Multiple ways to play        
Distributes “rolls” fairly        
Supports Cities & Knights event die        
Guaranteed genuine set        
Different illustrations on every card      
Protected against damage and heavy use        
Less setup time and effort
Easy to learn and use  


Each deck of Seasons event cards is bursting with a host of new features to enhance your game of Catan. All of your burning questions about these exciting upcoming releases can be found below:

Q: What are Seasons event cards?

A: Event Cards replace the need to throw dice at the beginning of each turn in a game of Catan. In addition, Event Cards add special events (thus the name "Event Cards") to make each turn more interesting.

Q: Why do I need Seasons Event Cards?

A: In a game of Catan, it is frustrating to toss dice, because unpleasant odds often result in unfavorable numbers. Event Cards are designed to replace the need to toss two (and sometimes three) different dice. Everything is available on one handy card.

You should use Seasons event cards if:

  • You are frustrated with bad rolls of the dice ("7", anyone?)
  • You are bored with the "same old" actions occurring on every turn ("I'm always behind.")
  • You are confused by the rules ("Which die do I roll first?").
  • You suspect other players are cheating with the dice ("How is that possible!?").
  • You are afraid of losing the dice ("Where did the red die go?").

If any of these situations sounds familiar, keep reading. It only gets better! 

Q: Where can I purchase the Seasons Event Cards?

A: Good news! All three decks of our Seasons Event Cards are ready RIGHT NOW for playtesting! You can help us make sure that everything is ready for our official launch by filling out the form here to join our mailing list and received a downloadable PDF of the cards that you can print-and-play at home!

Q: How do I use the Seasons Event Cards?

A: Each deck of the Seasons event cards will ship with complete and clear instructions. If you want to familiarize yourself with the rules ahead of time, a comprehensible guide can be found on this page. Here's the short version:

  •  If the Event Die shows a black ship, the Barbarian Attack draws nearer. If the Event Die shows a colored gate, the Red Die determines which players may draw progress cards.
  • With Seasons event cards, you instead draw the top card from the deck and perform the actions shown.

Q: What do the new Seasons event cards look like? 

A: Each Seasons event card has many features. Here is a quick description of the most important ones: 

Q: Why are there 42 cards in each Seasons event card deck?

A: There are actually three types of cards in each deck. When they fully release, each deck will have a summary card that explains the basic rules, a "shuffle" card that can be used to add unpredictability to the deck, an "end" card that tells you when to reshuffle the deck, and four "cover" cards that help you divide the rest of the deck into four seasons.

The 36 remaining core cards each represent a different dice combination. In a normal game of Catan, the Yellow and Red Dice are thrown simultaneously, and then added together to provide the Production Number. Since each die has six sides, there are 6x6 = 36 possible dice combinations!

Q: What is so special about the Seasons event cards?

A: The new Seasons event cards are unlike anything else currently available. This release is a huge improvement over the official dice and previous versions of event cards. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Set of 42 Unique Cards
  • Stunning, Original Art
  • Statistically Accurate
  • Seasonal Events and Surprises
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Sleek and Sturdy Printing
  • Sleeved for Protection
  • Shipping and Handling Included


Q: Why did you name this new card deck Seasons?

A: The full deck of 42 cards represents a full year of activity in the game of Catan. A new season is triggered every 12 cards, unlocking exciting new actions and surprising events. Here is an example of what the Spring Season card will look like:


Q: What is included in each deck of Seasons event cards?

A: Each deck contains the following cards:

  • 36 Core Event cards
  • New Season Begins cards
  • 1 New Year card
  • Leap Year card
  • 1 Brief Rules card

Q: What illustrators will do the Seasons custom artwork?

A: We have many different artists contributing to our project. The first printing will feature original artwork by artist Patrick Lyons, as shown below:


Q: How does Seasons compare with the official dice or event cards?

A: Because they have been specially designed to be fully compatible with all of the game expansions and our new rule set, all three decks of Seasons event cards are a valuable addition to your Catan collection. It's perfectly fine, though, to keep using dice or the official event cards. We recommend that you start by using just one of the features the Seasons event cards offer. Once you become familiar with it, you can begin using a new feature. Once you've tried all of them, you won't want to go back! 

Q: Where can I find out more?

A: You can see even more concept art on our Google Business page here. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date:



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