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Our Expectations For Ourselves

We wouldn't want to mislead you--we are NOT affiliated, associated, or connected in any way with the official creators, designers, owners, manufacturers, and retailers of original Catan products.

Instead, we strive to "Promote and Improve the Catan Gaming Experience" through understandable, intuitive, and FUN internet-based resources.

So what sets the CatanFusion system apart from the official products?

To begin with, this video explains that the CatanFusion system is SIMPLE. There are very few rules, and even fewer exceptions. To help you learn the new rules, we have very straightforward and understandable step-by-step instructions on this website. Ditch the rules booklet and just visit our website on your mobile device to learn more!

Secondly, the CatanFusion system is highly EXPANDABLE. Our set of rules lets you add official expansions and integrate third-party scenarios. Best of all, you can choose which parts of the CatanFusion system you want to follow, and which parts you want to ignore. There is a lot of detailed information here on our website, so you can start with what you are familiar with, and go from there.

Thirdly, the CatanFusion system is ACCESSIBLE. Unlike the PDF or printed format of the official rules, our website is fully searchable, allowing you to find exactly what you need, when you need it. If this sounds good to you, and you would like to find out more, be sure to keep reading.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our Reason for Existence

      Settlers of Catan (often abbreviated to Settlers) and its expansions are all wonderful games, with widespread popularity and universal fame. The Official Catan Rules (5th Edition) are carefully thought-out, thoroughly prepared, beautifully illustrated, and well-organized.  However, Klaus Teuber and Mayfair Games (the company which publishes the English version) never intended or imagined that players of Catan would wish to combine all of the various game-play elements together.  Because many of the Catan expansion sets have different game mechanics, they are incompatible if played strictly according to the included instruction manuals.  Previous attempts to reconcile the existing instructions have resulted in confusion and disagreement. As such, the Official Catan Rules are insufficient guides to such an endeavor.

As we began reconciling these incompatibilities on our own, we found ourselves replacing and reworking so many components of the Official Catan Rules that we quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project. Therefore, we have started from scratch: ignoring, replacing, and sometimes eliminating parts of the Official Catan Rules.  As a result, the CatanFusion system has many rules and components not originally found in the Official Catan Rules. 

Rest assured that we do not take our mission lightly: we have searched the internet, asked friends, and playtested ideas to create a brand-new, straightforward, and uniform set of game mechanics that allows players to combine the full line of core Catan games seamlessly and logically.  

We have created this website to help you get started, allowing you to dive into your Catan game and searching for answers when you questions arise (as they inevitably will).  If you can't find what you are looking for, the answer may simply be hidden under a different topic.  We have included many cross-references and hyperlinks to facilitate this.  In short, this website does not duplicate or repeat the Official Catan Rules (see our Legal info here). Instead, it contains all the important information that you need to play a fantastic game of Catan.


What Are You Looking For?

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