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Before you read this articleyou will need to know the following terms and definitions: 

Game(-s): Noun. Singular or Plural. A standalone version of Settlers of Catan, which can be played right out of the box without making additional purchases. There is only one standalone (base) game of Catan.
Expansion(-s): Noun. Singular or Plural.  An Catan game that cannot be played by itself. It must be used in conjunction with a standalone (base) game. The 5 & 6-player expansions are a good example of this.
Scenario(-s): Noun. Singular or Plural. A small set of playing pieces and instructions that can be added to normal Catan gameplay. It cannot be played by itself--it must be used in conjunction with a standalone (base) game. The "Oil Springs" scenario is a good example of this.
Variant(-s): Noun. Singular or Plural. A set of instructions for using the pieces from a Catan game or expansion in a new way. Most variants are fan-generated and require printing and cutting out new pieces.


  • After resolving the Event Card Production Number, you can trade and build in any order (you can trade, purchase, trade again and purchase again, etc.). You can even use a harbor on the same turn you construct a building there.  Using this method speeds up the game a lot.  The more you trade, the better your chances of victory. 


In this phase of your turn, you may trade as long as you have resource/commodity cards/tokens.  You many not trade development cards.  You may not trade like resources (e.g., 2 wool for 1 wool).  There are 2 different kinds of trade: Maritime Trade and Domestic Trade.  Maritime Trade is with the Bank, and Domestic Trade is with other players.


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