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Before you read this articleyou will need to know the following terms and definitions: 

Typical Event(-s): Noun. Singular or Plural. A Catan board game event NOT based upon the seasonal text, but upon the dice images shown on the CatanFusion Seasons Event Cards.


Placing Fish Hauls on Fish Shoal Hexes

Fish Shoal Hexes are undiscovered at the beginning of the game.  During Phase 3.6: Move Ships and Wagons, you may uncover a Fish Shoal hex.  Each discovered Fish Shoal hex shows the result of a die roll (numbers ranging from 1 to 6).

If you are using CatanFusion Seasons Event Cards (Decks B, C, and D), then consult the result of the Red Die in the upper left-hand corner of the current CatanFusion Seasons Event Card. If the result of the Red Die matches the yellow die roll result on an exposed fish shoal hex (meaning that it was discovered on a previous turn), take 1 fish haul from the supply and place it on the matching Fish Shoal hex.

If you are rolling the yellow and red dice instead of using any form of Event Cards, then use the yellow dice number you rolled to determine whether any exposed fish shoal hexes produce.

Restrictions on Placing a Fish Haul on a Fish Shoal Hex:

However, you are not allowed to place the fish haul on a Fish Shoal hex if:

  • There already is 1 fish haul on the hex, or
  • There is a Black Pirate Ship, Storm hex, or Privateer on the hex, or
  • The supply of Fish Hauls is depleted, or
  • The Fish Shoal is undiscovered (it is still in the face-down pile of "mystery" hexes)

Important: Since Fish Hauls are wooden tokens, they cannot be harvested by buildings.  They can only be “caught” by your ships during Phase 3.6.2: Move Ships.


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